Saturday, December 09, 2006

today is saturday

is baar

is baar jab miloonga us se
ginoonga ek ek palak us ki

chu-oonga us ko apni saanson se
aur bununga sapne hazar, sirf uske liye

is baar jab miloonga us se
jioonga usse phir ek din, jee bhar ke, baar-baar

this time

this time when i meet her
i'll count every eye-lash of hers

will touch her with my breath
and spin a thousand dreams, only for her

this time, when i meet her
i'll live her one more day, to the fullest, many times


Anonymous said...

What lovely words they are !!

Adi, I read all your posts but generally I am at a loss as what to write as my comments... Total dumbstruck

SO beautiful, wonderful everything looks when I come to your blog.. SO much relaxing.

Ummmm I just want to get immerse in it... :))

Thanks very much !!

dwaipayan said...

kuch sapne main ne bhi boone the
hasin sunehre sapne...
sapne tootne ki dard abhitak gunjrahi hain mere dil mein...

par sapne boonne ki addat abhi hain...
aur ek din sapne saach honge..
yeh meri yakeen hain

dwaipayan said...

pardon the spelling mistakes...:P

Anonymous said...

Ginoonga ek ek palak us ki...
Chu-oonga us ko apni saanson se...

This is searingly beautiful :)
I agree with others what to write as my commnets.
Your sweetheart is very lucky so have a such a loving & romantic person in her life...I wish u both a very happy life together :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anonymous said...

i love the line where you say ke jioon gaa os hi eik din baar baar .. but if one loves someone soo much .. you don't just live that one particular day but live the rest of your lives together.

hmm interesting @ counting the eye lashes .. how come?

awww Sugarlips is here .. u gotta add in your poem dehlidreams about lips (because sugarlips has the prettiest most beautiful lips in the world)

Honto per jo os ke muskorahat behti
Oothney na doon go os ko aik pal

- above is for sugarlips :)

Sumithra said...

:-) Hmm, the romantic strikes back!

Keshi said...

Looks like the Love Bug has bitten Adi big time LOL! Nice :)


Sigma said...

Hmmm ...nice one :-)
Do I need to ask how was the weekend ? ;-)

Btw, I saw the poem you posted at your Akshar blog. Left some comments and a link :-)

oceanic mirages said...

jab milti hun mai usse,nazar jaati nahi us chehre se,nahi pata aankhe dkhti hun ya fir honth ya palake ya baal, ya muskurahat,nahi pata use dkhti hun ya har us pal ko samet leti hun apne ander jise baar baar apni saans me mehsus karti hun har baar...

sophie said...

oh so very sweet Adi - to
count the eyeslashes:)
tender fellow:)

delhidreams said...

anon: thanks. m happy that my happiness makes u happy. but who u r dear anonymous?

dwai: i've been trough that. and if u can trust me, pls. understand that it is all leading to something infinitely more beautiful. believe me :)

anon 2: thanks sugarlips!!! u too stay as u are...

nabeel: that particular day is equal to many lifetimes, pardom me for the poetic liberties, but haven't u noticed how time stops by when ur love is around???

sunshine: hmmm, the stricken will srike whom ;)

keshi: lol! big big time gal, big time!!!

sigma: u might have got the ans by now :)

deepti: hmmm. lucky fella who gets u. seriously. damn lucky fella. damned to be lucky...

sophie: i was too afraid and tense this sunday...

dwaipayan said...

all the cells of my entity wants to believe you...

be it.........

but will I be as lucky as you??

dreamt before

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