Tuesday, December 05, 2006

a poem a day

a shoelace poem
loose open words
have to be tied down
they fall apart
and take them with you

a coin-poem spinning round
and rapid
and round
it has to come to rest
make noise
and be of some use

a log-in poem
you start typing it
and it helps itself soon
someone remembers it for you
somewhere in an other conscience
like password help

a festering wound poem
has to be filled up
with ointment of feelings
and bandaged with words
it won't let you rest
until it heals itself

a poem is everywhere
all you have to do
is write it down
a poem a day
it is
and more than love it needs

this is being written on the 8th of december morning. sometimes i don't feel right with myself. and many times i use the drafts saved on previous days. like here. and perhaps more i'll use. we all utilise our past in our future. hope u all are fine.


Aditi said...

interesting thoughts...hope u're ok
but yes a poem is easily written should someone be inclined to write it..and most ppl do write to reflect atleast a part of what tehy feel

oceanic mirages said...

a shoelace poem,loose open words, have to be tied down... Hmmm. very true, n wonder i cant stop myself frm writng in the middle of my classes on either side of the scene...Plz take care...plz.

Sigma said...

hmmmm ... interesting similies ....
i loved the ideas :-)

dwaipayan said...

forgive me..but I'm really not feeling like reading a poem..not evenmy favourite( ur ones)ones

Anonymous said...

Stumble on your blog through Deepti :)
I simply love it...Read your previous posts too bohut khobsurat likha hai app nai...jazbon ko lafzon mai dhalna itna asan nahi but app nai poora poora insafa kiya hai...Muhabbat insan ko bilkul hee badal daiti hai hain na? :)
I just love to be in love with my sweetheart :)
You are right poem is everywhere all u have do is just write it :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

starry said...

Adi..loved all these different poems..each poem has a different meaning of its own.interesting.

Anonymous said...

very intersting style...doesnt seem like a draft at all..its well crafted!!

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

It is well crafted! Maybe the last but one draft. I loved it! I didn't know you could write! You surprise me, Adi!

dreamt before

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