Wednesday, January 10, 2007

From monday to sunday!!!

The dawn flickers through six mornings,
I pick up the memories lying here and there,
Carefully folding them,
Carelessly putting one on...
Adjusting and readjusting your touch,
That lay on my face,
Entangled with my hair;
My half closed eyes,
That enclose in an embrace,
Both day and night...

Till on the seventh day, the Palanquin arrives,
All rosy red and shining gold,
Sun sprinkles the light through my wide open eyes,
Lined dark with the Six long nights,
Your words my anklets;
Your breath my fragrance;
Your kiss becomes the blush;
And I become a bride;
The moment you are beside...

The wait is long but endurable coz I know u r there. Adi...I LOVE YOU.


Arti Honrao said...


Cuckoo said...

Just Beautiful !!!


Anonymous said...
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dwaipayan said...

is this a post by dee or adi has became narcissist???

anyway, jokes apart....this post is lovely... as beautiful and wonderful as love itself. that;s why I say lovely

sophie said...

"your kiss becomes the blush"

this i adore in it's intimacy
all a-bloom -

"your words my anklets"
ohhh i love love love this so
very much!!!! so tender and

lovely ode to love


starry said...

Just beautiful.No words can say how much I loved this poem.

Aditi said...

beautiful... but the teacher writes well we know... i am assuming it was hers?

Sigma said...

I agree .... simply beautiful !!

dreamt before

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