Monday, January 08, 2007

Yesterday, I met her

Kal, main mila us se

Us se milna
Kanwal jaisa
Ansuon ke talab mein
Khushi jaisa

Us se milna
Chand jaisa
Mann ke andheron mein
Paak roshni jaisa

Us se milna
Azal jaisa
Zindagi ki kitaab mein
Akhiri harf jaisa

Yesterday, I met her

To meet her
Like lotus
Like a smile
In a pond of tears

To meet her
Like moon
Like the light of faith
In the darkness of heart

To meet her
Like death
Like the last word
In the book of life


San said...

:) so in love

dwaipayan said...

bless best wishes are with u.. and do come to kolkata

Sugarlips said...

Hosh walon ko khaber kiya..
Bakhudi kiya cheez hai...
Ishq kijay phir samaj ye..
Zindagi kiya cheez hai...

I wish & pray your love grows everyday like the light of faith in the darkness of heart :)
Thanx for the lovely wishes on my blog.

Stay Beautiful...!!

Cuckoo said...

Now what do I say?

Btw, the link you had asked for is

starry said...

I hope it always remains like this"To meet her
Like moon

Just beautiful.

x said...

love it! my favourite is the last stanza :)

sophie said...

but where is the picture?

and the story?


sophie said...


i need a smiley face


Sigma said...

Beautiful words !!

oceanic mirages said...

Talk about death and the last word in the book f life...
Ummm, I would like to call it a new begining...
Fir ek nayizindagi aur naye habdon se buni ek nayi gazal.

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