Monday, February 19, 2007

a bus-ticket worth love

some where on the India Gate circle, some time in the sunday morning, when she was reaching college in a cycle rickshaw, and i was going to amul's place for some project of mine, i once again felt for this bus ticket in my jacket's left pocket. and thought of its worth.

"is this Rs. 10 ticket worth only this much? or has it some more value attached to it?" if a ticket checker finds me without it, i would have had to shell out Rs. 100 as the fine. which my being very clumsy & absent minded is always a perfect possibility.

so, as i again nervously checked the 'being thereness' of this little piece of paper, i felt it was worth more than the supposed Rs. 110 it carried within. it felt infinitely more valuable than that.

this 1.25" by 3.25" piece of govt. authorization to travel in state run buses felt invaluable because it was carrying me towards her. and suddenly, everything else in the world, assumed only this role.

every drop of fuel, every rotation of bus tyres, the everyday functioning of traffic lights to every second of sun had this very purpose, of taking me to her. the whole world existed & breathed with life, only for us to meet. and to love. it seemed, the whole universe works overtime to make this a possibility.
a perfect possibility.

12 hours after i left home this sunday morning, look, what i returned with, my love.
a half-finished book, a crumpled bus ticket, some work that was done, some stolen kisses in public places and the memory of our hands taking leave in an eternity.

and a thought on how love changes everyday things into objects of reverence. and a love of the love she has brought in to my life.


Aditi said...

yay i get to be first...
haan bus ticket ghum ho jayega is a very distinct possibility for me as well
but how sweet... yaa touch wood

oceanic mirages said...

adi: kuch nahi...mannat

dwaipayan said...

for only u two..i still believ love is real , not a myth...and each of ur post make me believe that i'm correct...i'm correct

starry said...

So true Adi, something which will be thrown away and would be irrelevant to someone holds such beautiful memories for you.In a way Isn't life like that.

Arti Honrao said...

Adi! You make people believe in love!!
God Bless You both ...
Keep smiling and always be happy.


Kyra said...

I have always imagined that if i ever find love it would be this very feeling that you have penned...I am glad that some one some where, is living and feeling, somethhing that just seems like a beautiful imagination and a distant hope to me.


Beautiful! I like the title, especially.

Himanshu Bhagat said...

I daresay I know what you mean - my shivneri volvo tickets remain intact for a long time - most of them end up as book marks! :)

Toon Indian said...

really cool bro..that is like poetry in's wishing many more remarkable journeys to the both of you !!

dreamt before

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