Saturday, February 17, 2007

how the world celebrates you

kisi roj agar
kisi shab ko gungunaoon main
to samajhna
ke payal khankegi raat mein sitaron ki
aur naam goonjega tumhara
kaynaat mein

oh starry, m sorry, nobody else will help me here :(
i'll translate these for you. just feeling a bit weak these days.
will get some updates about today.
wish me luck.


meet_me said...

umm Adi...
plz recover fast... it doesn't feel good to know u'r weak...
Best, wishes, luv n luck...
Take care

starry said...

Adi dont worry, I have all the time in the world.take care of yourself first. take care.

Sugarlips said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sugarlips said...

Get well soon :)

Stay Beautiful..!!

madelyn said...

Adi sweetie - will send you a cute
card for you and your love...
I have missed your Delhi Dreams!

San said...

get well soon. the posts are all very beautiful .

oceanic mirages said...

Har raat ye shab sunati hai mujhe,kuch kisse tujhse mulakaat k,haar kar in aansuon se ye suraj dhul kar le aata hai din jo fir karta hai kam ye lamhe jo baandh k mujhe baithe hain...door tujhse...

madelyn said...

hello you two sweethearts -
e-mailed you - :)

waiting for name for my new
business in India...:)

hugs -

Anonymous said...


another attempt,

if some day
i hum a night
then remember
that anklets of stars will jingle in night
and your name will resonate
all through the existence


dreamt before

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