Friday, February 16, 2007

missing you

farwari ki in burf raaton mein
yun tehla na kar chhat par tu
ye jo badmash taare hain
chedenge tujhe akela pa kar

aa mere chaand,
chupa loon tujhe narm agosh mein
aur choom loon najar ka ek teeka
tere roshan mathe par


oceanic mirages said...

Raat me chhat par tehelta hai chaand,taare to sirf saath dete hain,roshan karte har wo rah jo tere ghar tak aati hai...aur chaandni le jati hai uddaa kar chaand ko teri aankhon me, jahan se dekhta hai chaand ek nayi duniya, sitaaron k paar...

Aditi said...

aww aaj friday hain
1 aur din

starry said...

:( sooooo sad.cannot understand.

Sugarlips said...

I'm reading this post a bit late and its sunday tomorrow :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Anonymous said...


in these ice cold nights of february
don't stroll on the terrace
these mischievious stars will
tease you on finding alone

come, my moon
let me hide you in a soft embrace
and let me kiss an amulet*
on your glowing forehead

*m not sure about the word to use in place of, the black spot mothers in india place on their children's faces, to protect them from bad vibes...

dreamt before

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