Thursday, February 15, 2007

twenty four

ek chota sa din
aur chaubees tukde
aapas mein jude-jude
aur kuch bikhre-bikhre

kabhi pooja ki mala ke
mankon ke jaise
kabhi nadi ke kinare ke
kankadon ke jaise

kabhi bachpan ke khelon ke
kanchon ke jaise
kabhi sapno ke gehno ke
heeron ke jaise

japta hoon
khelta hoon
phenkta hoon
sahejta hoon

ek chote se din ke
in chaubees tukdon ko
chunta hoon ek-ek kar
phir bhi,

kitne kam padte hain ye
teri yaad ke liye
jab tu aa jayegi
to gin-ne nahi padenge ye mujhe


Aditi said...

aww so sweet

starry said...

OK Adi..where is my translation.

Anonymous said...

Love is beautiful

Thanks for sharing your pics
Nice to see you two together.

You are lucky there is no distance between you

Anonymous said...

The spin at the end...instead of saying the moments are too long, saying the moments are too little to miss you...that's a beautiful thought, and when I think about it, so true. Because the best part about loving my someone is that I miss him almost every moment and I never want to stop missing him. I really liked this poem, it felt real close, especially since he is far away, and these moments...the way you have described them, feel so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, that was me.

oceanic mirages said...

u wr right...
Exact opposites...
[Kitne kam padte hain ye,teeri yaad liye;Jab tu aa jayegi, gin-ne nahi padenge ye mujhe] a litle ironical, isnt it? throughout.....

dwaipayan said...

jab tu aa jayegi to tere torture me yeh 24 ghante mujhe 24 saal jaise lagenge..:P

Anonymous said...


a little day
and 24 pieces
a little bit bound
a little bit separated

sometimes, like beads of a prayer necklace
sometimes, like pebbles on a river bank

sometimes, like marbles from childhood plays
sometimes, like diamonds from the jewellery of wishes

i hymn
i play
i throw
i carefully keep

a little days
these 24 pieces
i pick them one by one
but still,

how less they become
to remember you
when you'll come
i won't have to count these anymore

state of mind? said...


dreamt before

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