Friday, February 23, 2007

if you are blue

kisi din agar
tumhe udaas paoon main

jab do ungliyan rakh, thodi ke neeche
is chehre ko halke se uthaoon main

aur pyaar saja doon hothon par
'gar is tarah tumhe manaoon main

tum hi batao pyar,
wo roothna bhi tumhara, kitna haseen hoga


Aditi said...

so sweet... soch lo warna woh roz ruthegi agar tum itne pyar se manaoge

dwaipayan said...

kya baat hain ji.... awesome awesome

Anonymous said...

=) hmmmmmmmm............
Kuch kahun?
Nahi...let it stay there...words cannot explain everything.
Love u.


madelyn said...

this is odd as my post this morning about feeling blue...

love you and Dee VERY much

(hugs and back pats)

starry said...

I hope you are not Blue.If you are I am sending you a big warm Hugggggggggggggggg from across the miles.

Anonymous said...

some day if
i find you blue

when placing two fingers below your chin
i lift your face a little

and decorate your lips with love
if like this i make you smile

you tell me love,
that blueness of yours, how beautiful it would be?

starry, attempted translation

starry said...

Adi..just too sweet.I don't know how you think of these lines.I can only it is true love. With love like this Dee will never be blue.

Sugarlips said...

Awww how adorable!
Piyar mai rothan aur mana hee bohut piyara hota hai :)

I love love love the last line :)
Lots of love to both of you :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

Arti Honrao said...

Too good!!!

Koi aise manaaye to
Roz ruth jaaun main
Lab sile ho labon se to
Aankhon se muskuraun main!

dreamt before

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