Monday, February 26, 2007

my visual DNA, thaks twin :)


Aditi said...

yea not a single thing in common
tsk tsk

madelyn said...

"my freedom" was sweet Adi -
and we have much in common -
although my "place" needs well...
which India has - I am going
to Goa and Kerala next:)

And the need to write and read -
is a longing and a necessity for me
as well...the means of expression
in art and words and love
is the centre of my heart.

the pix of holding hands was beautiful...

is the drink a mango smoothie?
I love them....


starry said...

I did mine too.I think we have "love of freedom" in common.

Aditi said...

ahh wait the music matched and one more.. the travel scenario vacation matched

oceanic mirages said...

I lke d bedroom pic n well wuld have preffered sea instead of hills for landscape n holiday :-)
Yeah books r always a treat n m much more lazy than u ...:-)

dreamt before

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