Tuesday, February 27, 2007

orange and off-white

and everything's right...

m verrrrry frustated today
'cos the words that come from within, m not liking them

i don't know what i'll write, whether to write, and what to write
dee n twin both say, wait, wait for the words to come
but its not that i dont have words, the problem is i might have the same kinds of words saying the same kinds of things

m not bored, m just frustated, or this poet/writer watever wants me to go into a shell...i don't know

khair, anyways, i've to tell u guys abt this sunday. and fortunately it doesnt need any poem or so.

exactly a year ago, at the same mayur vihar apartment of his friend aparna (hagrid) mentioned before, an orange shirt boy met an off-white suit girl, for the first time. frankly speaking, they didnt like each other much. except casual friendship. he noticed that she was bit plump than he expected and she wondered is he really 26 or was lying abt his age. she was not the usual, normal beautiful girl, there was something different about her, and he felt shy of her. she was looking gud in white, which when conveyed resulted in a chiding that its not white, its off-white! she was worried about reaching home on time, and wondered why she came here in the first place.

they gradually talked about aparna's love affair and then her's and his past love also. and when she went home, it was a normal parting away, of byes and nice meeting yous.

now, when they both look back at the day and exchange sms' they do wonder what the hell...whatever happenned to them afterwards.

this sunday, on the 25th of february 2007, exactly a year after, that guy in the same orange shirt and blue jeans met that girl in a red kurta :( and same dirty jeans :) and hugged her and whispered a happy anniversary in her red earinged ear. they met to celebrate the innocent promises of the day a year ago and where they've come in life. together.

it was only by october later in the year, that they realised they had to be together. but if this is a love story, and if like all stories it has been penned before, somewhere in the attic of universe, by a god who loves to make people wonder about their destinies, who loves to love, then, that orange shirt boy wants to say to that off-white suit girl...that, he loves her. and he loves her in a way words cannot define. and he knows she loves him too. and lives him. and... nothing, nothing else matters in this life more.


Aditi said...

so sweet!! some love stories are meant to be no matter what

oceanic mirages said...

Adi ji...
Kuch nahi...
I love u too...

starry said...


Anonymous said...

Here's to many more.

madelyn said...

You write in refelection like
as if it is.."destiny"

which it is - the touch of color
brought your enchanted flash back
to life...

i will write soon Adi - to Dee too - frustrated -
I lost all my links and messed them up:(


Keshi said...

aww wut a beautiful love story...


Anonymous said...

aww.. so true it is.. love just happens.
sweet post.

dreamt before

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