Tuesday, May 08, 2007


i gift u love

in the form of lace


the bedsheets of nights


the morning awakenings

tender & strong

my love is both

i gift you strands

of soul

and tie a knot

at the end

lest life,

unravels without me


Cuckoo said...

Lovely lovely.

Where do you get these ideas from ??

Now I want a different answer. Don't say Dee, Love, etc etc.

Aditi said...

aww.. loved the last few lines.. lest it unravel wtihout u

Peenuts said...

Waiting for a Sunday update ;)

Anonymous said...

love is a part of one's very being, it's not GIFTED;
love is a very personal sentiment,
one doesn't have to pronounce it from the rooftop or make an exhibition of it.

Sigma said...

This one makes me wonder the thought behind it - that of tying the knot ? ;-)

delhidreams said...

cuckoo: apart from the obvious source, i can perfectly trace this to a couple of blog entries i read and to the fact that i've been neck deep in the corporate presentation of a client that makes threads for business...

aditi: she found some insecurity in those lines

wat's in a name: yup, nothing, although i wud prefer you to be my pino

dear anon: to each his/her own

sigma: ;)

madelyn said...

Adi - she was in you all along -
and you are a gift to each other -
i loved this poem almost most of all
i think -
and you are such a handsome
oh my gosh - handsome prince for
your beautiful princess:)


wonderful gust of your love.

starry said...

OH! Adi I love these lines.It is so deep and I can almost feel the love you have for Dee.The last few lines were just awesome. how do you get these thoughts..I think its the love you have for Dee.

oceanic mirages said...

Do i say anything else?
Love,love n love...

B said...

Your "aurat" poem is very touching. U've found very good words to express ur feelings there...

insane freak said...

im here after real long, n realise i missed this place :)
lovely lovely!
n th way u weave threads n laces into a poem of love ... oh!

keep writing, hope all good wit u :)

delhidreams said...

maddie: wen my words make u feel that gust of love even for a moment, they fulfill their meaning :)

starry: yes, its all hers now :)

dee: no, u just sit there n enjoy...

red: thanks. i liked those words too.

rich: its an edifice meant to be completed someday soon...

dreamt before

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