Thursday, May 03, 2007

vyakaran / grammar

log hote hain shabdon jaise
saath hote huye bhi
hoti hai jagah beech mein

pyaar hota hai
sandhi jaisa
mila ke ek kar deta hai logon ko

- - - -

people are like words
there's a space between
even when they are together

love is
like a conjuction
which blends these people together


Aditi said...

interesting concept yet i find that i disagree

Arti Honrao said...



Anonymous said...

tis true.
I wish I could listen to your poetry in its original language.
so many vowels. i think I'd like the sound of it. Is it Hindi?

Ali S. said...

nice one
the sandhi one was lovely

Anonymous said...

wow! I really loved this.never thought of people like words before but it makes sense.Thanks for translating.say hello to Dee.

dwaipayan said...


Sigma said...

This is really interesting! Kya perspective hai :-))

Sugarlips said...

Love blends people together so beautifully and intimately Adi :)

How is Dee's exams going?
Drop my hello and hugs :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Anonymous said...

haan,pyaar shayad sandhi hi hota hai[shuru-shuru main];
baad main kab badal jata hai sandhi-patr[sulahnaame] main,aur,
kabhi-kabhi sandhi-vichhed main,
pataa hi nahin chalata..

dreamt before

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