Tuesday, June 19, 2007

who needs words

i remember her smile.

we were walking to the d.u. metro station. me & nidhi, her little sister who had her last exam yesterday, and i had gone to the khalsa college to meet her.
and her.

that smile. i wonder why nobody else sees what i see. i wonder if people around even notice what's going on. and they continue on with their drab existence. i wonder if even nidhi who was walking beside, saw what i saw. the way she smiled.

she was walking slightly ahead of us. this petite girl-woman in a white suit with silvered earings and white dupatta and a silvery kada. both of us, me n nidhi had met for the first time and in a genial relationship taking birth, were teasing her a lot.

that is when she turned and laughed and everything around her laughed at her words, 'itna marungi na' (i'll kill you both). and by everything i mean not the zombies shuffling around, but the sun, the sky, the trees, the pavement, the ground beneath her feet, and the heart in my heart which skipped a beat and smiled in return and the smile, the joy that must have flowered in my eyes.

she turned and smiled and i opened my arms to embrace this joy i've known so late in my life.

joy, joyer, joyest.

who needs words when he's in love.


Aditi said...

my first reaction on seeing this title... MEE MEE.. I NEED WORDS..hehe
but aww.. so sweet.. i think her smile and dee can tell me if i am right was also the apprehension leaving of whether u nad nidhi will hit it off ok...
sigh.. i am so glad for the two of u.. really am

Cuckoo said...


Oh yeah, who needs words ?

Just smile is more than a life. Isn't it ?

oceanic mirages said...

i love u.

delhidreams said...

aditi: yes, that was playing on my mind too :) u felt me right

cuckoo: when somebody's smile becomes your life... who needs words :)

deepti: hmmmm ;)

meet_me said...

who needs words ... :)
u've been writing beautiful words gentleman!!!

delhidreams said...

pheebes: so glad u like them. wish u love :)

Anonymous said...

adi...your words, your poetry speak to me even though I am not in love..or am I? It's a funny dance, isn't it?

Thanks for linking me. I linked you too.

delhidreams said...

sky: i feel like dancing every moment of my days n nights :)
but the knee is broke...almost

dreamt before

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