Thursday, June 14, 2007


if i say,
m falling more n more in love with her,
would you believe me,
if i say so...


Aditi said...

for the new profile photo.. for the new look.. for the words.. aww...
yae i do believe.. if anyone can u can...

Shruti said...

Hmm, im believing you..
take care

meet_me said...

yepp Adi .... it's so easy to believe
u r so much in love... and so happy :)
God bless u both always!!

dharmabum said...

ho ho ;)

Arti Honrao said...



Sugarlips said...

Yes, I believe you and it makes me very happy when I see you both so much in love :) God bless you :)

Stay Beautiful...!!

madelyn said...

You don't need to say it - although it
is lovely to read -
I can feel it half way around the world.

Love is energy and sings as it is carried in the

Movie Mazaa said...

yes, i do believe u!
but I miss ur old template!

Keshi said... can happen.


Peenuts said...

Haan Haan..pata hai..pata hai..kambhaqt ishq :) :)

delhidreams said...

aditi: that was my twin ;) i love u

shruti: thanks. u too.

pheebes: amen. i wish the same to you.

dharma: he he :)

arti: hmmmm, god bless

sugar: god bless both of you too

maddie: my love travels half way across the world... amazing na? and it sings as it comes from her chords :)

velu: wait sir, this template is still not complete ;)

keshi: hey, i needed that from u. cos u r full of life :)

peenuts: ab toh lag gaya ishq ka rog, dekhte hain tujhe kab lagega ;)

Ash said...

Yes, I believe!!

madelyn said...

ok you cuties - you are holding hands
on my links so more complaining -
:) hugs:)

madelyn said...

I meant "no MORE complaining"

:) can't type or spell:)

San said...

i guess so ..

delhidreams said...

ash: thanks friend

maddie: he he, now m present doubly over there ;) thanks for taking me near my princess

san: hmmmmm. i hope so :)

dreamt before

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