Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A Reading List

I’m sorry for not replying to any of the comments or not being on the blog for two-three days. The net is not working at my place and one or two minor problems are making me feel left out of this part of my life.

Meanwhile, I’ve been reading a lot different stuff these days. Completed, ‘The Namesake’, ‘Atlas Shrugged’, ‘Alice In Wonderland’ & ‘The Bridge Across Forever’ recently. There are quite a few things on my reading list, My Name is Red; Red & Black; The Horse Whisperer; Schindler’s List; The Last Mughal and more. Plus there’s poetry by Neruda & Cummings I want to live – all credit to maddie, and my usual dose of Urdu & Hindi poetry. Haven’t even gone through some of the books I got from the book fair last year, most notably Yugandhar. There’s a good journal on net, The ThreePenny review I recently stumbled upon. Added to all this are my blogroll links, which I visit and print the best of the lot, reading them at leisure.
Dee has finished ‘100 years of solitude’ just last week and she’s hell bent on me reading it first. But then there’s ‘The Fountainhead’ also. From next Monday, I’ll be starting either of these two.
So, these days I’m not following anything structured like a novel. There are some editions of ‘Samkaleen Bhartiya Sahitya’ – the bi-monthly magazine published by the Sahitya Academy, to be read. With its each issue housing the best in Indian Literature across a variety of Indian languages, I’ve my hands full.

All this means, you’ll get a lot to read on our other blog on wordpress, provided we get time to post it all. I’ve already posted some wonderful poetry there. With Dee also joining in, we welcome you to share the best that we come across in our reading journeys.

P.S. The evening I thought to wait for Mr. Marquez, Mr. Conrad called me to read ‘The Heart of Darkness’. And it is excellent. About one-fourth I ventured with the narrator last night, and am glad I did. Will keep you updated once the net comes to life again.

Keep dreaming.


Anonymous said...

I envy u man!! u r able to read so many things..wish i had time so squeezed up right now


delhidreams said...

dreamcatcher: agonizing, is the right word for my life these days, sir :)

Anonymous said...

agonizing...u intrigue me adi..alot both the dream n so??

the very innocence of this makes me feel the warmth..yet i again get lost where i dont want is a coincidence affair..but the past reckons me so..
the past of augmented reality is the present of mirage dreams..

madelyn said...

I am with Dee - you MUST read
100 years of Solitude AND
Love in the time of Cholera:)

delhidreams said...

dreamcatcher: it could be opposite bro. think abt it.

maddie: yes ma'm.

Anonymous said...

really?? the present of augmented reality is past of mirage dreams ...i really dont think so.,..

delhidreams said...

dreamcatcher: yes, u really don't think so...

Anonymous said...

enigmatic are ur words..

Sugarlips said...

Adi go for Mr Marquez :)

Chronicle of a death fortold
Love in the time of Cholera
Of love and other demons and
100 Years of Solitude :)

Do you like Faiz Ahmed Faiz?

Stay Beautiful...!!

delhidreams said...

dreamcatcher: i might say that about u :)

sugar: lemme start the first one pls ;)

How do we know said...

wow Adi! This is an impressive list. i also pick up samkaleen bhartiya sahitya from the book fair every year, but need some more to read..

Know of any place where one can get gud hindi poetry, other than ur blog?

delhidreams said...

howdoweknow: u'll have to tell me which city u live in...

Abhishek Dadhich said...

Hey Adi, u r reading real good stuff...

Some of the titles, u mentioned, i have read (and are really good), and the others, i will add to my list.

Meanwhile, I highly recommend Khalid Hosseini's 'The Kite Runner' and 'A Thousand Splendid Suns'. You can find my review of the later here

dreamt before

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