Tuesday, August 07, 2007

ab toh uth jao tum / now please do get up love

ab toh uth jao tum
ke taare so rahe badlon ki chadar odhe
raat ja chuki kab ki
apne mehboob chand ke sath

ab toh uth jao tum
ke subah khadi hai darwaje ke bahar
tumhare deed ko baichain
roshan jo hona hai isse

ab toh uth jao tum
ke ye deewana
kab se kar raha hai intezar
in ankhon ke khulne ka

attempted translation

now please do get up love
that, stars have gone to sleep snuggled in blankets of clouds
and the night has went away
with her lover, the moon

now please do get up love
that, morning is standing outside the door
restless to have a glimpse of you
as it has to be bright again

now please do get up love
that this lover of yours
has been waiting for long
for these eyes to open


Alok said...

:) well when u say this, do say that on a sunday morn coz after listening to this I am sure u guys will not be going to work

as beautiful as always


Cuckoo said...

Ab main kya kahuN ? Ye jo ehsaas hai bas .. leaves a big smile on your face. :))))

And when Dee writes "Adi, Kuch nahi" then we all know that how its well more than "Sab Kuch".

Keep floating in love. :))))))

Gill said...

Lovely words!!!

Sugarlips said...

You two are just perfect for eachother mashallah :)


Stay Beautiful...!!

D Writer said...

at the risk of being repetitive ...beautiful...the hindi one is better though

Milana Ryan said...

This is simply beautiful

Nadhiya said...

Absolutely lovely!

dreamt before

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