Wednesday, August 08, 2007

kabhi kabhi / sometimes

kabhi kabhi
jab mann karta hai bohat
to pawan ban kar
tere chehre par bikhre balon se khelta hoon
ya jab tu
bana rahi hoti hai roti rasoi mein
to chulhe ki aanch ban
neeli ankhon se dekhta hoon tujhe
kabhi kabhi
khud dharti ban bich jata hoon
tere kadmon ta-le
ya pani ban umad aata hoon in ankhon se
yaad ban kar
kabhi akash ban
pehan leta hoon tere har rang ko
sama leta hoon bahon mein tere ehsaas ko

kabhi kabhi
jab bohat yaad aati hai teri
ro padta hoon main
aur hazar kavitayein
bikhar jati hain kagaj par
aise hi

attempted translation

when the heart longs too much
i become the wind
and play with your hair, scattered on your face
or when you
are making food in the kitchen
then in the form of the burner's flame
i see you with my blue eyes
becoming earth
i spread beneath your feet
or becoming water
well up in the eyes, with memory
sometimes in the form of space
i wear every colour of yours
and merge in the embrace of your feel

when i miss you too much
i cry
and a thousand poems
scatter on the page
like this


Alok said...

very very emotive and powerful adi


Gill said...

or becoming water
well up in your eyes like memory.....

brilliant words!!!!

Bla said...

Nice verse.

Ali S. said...


Yaar samajh nahi aata ki kya kahoon....itna badhiya likhte ho kuch bolne ke liye bachta hi nahi......

Keep it up

AaaDee said...

subhan allah..bahut khoob !!

madelyn said...

"and a thousand poems scatter on the
page like this...."

whoaoooo - i need to borrow this...

you are the very best poet in the

Sugarlips said...

kabhi kabhi
jab bohat yaad aati hai teri
ro padta hoon main
aur hazar kavitayein
bikhar jati hain kagaj par
aise hi

Very beautifully written, each and every stanza.

Stay Beautiful..!!

Unknown said...

a thousand poems scatter like this...

like this!!!

Ben :)

Abhishek Dadhich said...


Ohh dear!!!

What emotions... what words... what expressions...

Simply Beautiful...

An attempted translation, just for you, though, no way paralleling your wonderful words:

When it's too much for me to hold

I open my wings
And take a flight
Into those lovely dark strands veiling your face
I become the Wind

Or I gaze at you
With my blue eyes
When you cook food in the kitchen
I become the Flame of your Stove

Or I become the Earth
And spread below your feet

Or in the form of memories
I wet these eyes

Or live in your embrace
And soak into your colors
I embody your Sky

When my craving for you is insurmountable
I cry helplessly
And a thousand poems come to life
On a page like this

oceanic mirages said...

ya kuch likha hi nahi jata siwaye tere naam ke...

dharmabum said...

'pehen leta hoon tere har rang ko...'

bahut khoob :)

starry said...

Adi I am visiting after a long time.I love this poem, really emotional.and just beautiful.How are you and Dee doing.

Anonymous said...

This is so so BEAUTIFUL .. thanks for sharing

Sigma said...

Lovely! Gentle and soft ... and beautiful!

dreamt before

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