Saturday, September 22, 2007

for you & for me

it'll be a home full of books.
apart from a roomful, there'll be books on the center tables, gorgeous coffee table tomes, she'll relish with endless cups of ginger teas; on writing desks, acting as mirrors to souls and giving bookmarks their reason for existence; on childrens' bookshelves, winking them goodnights and waking them up with goodmornings; in the kitchen preparing him for lessons never ending, as he tries to figure how much salt to put in the dish he is cooking for the fifteenth time; and on the balcony settees facing the street where they'll see the world pass by and when it rains the first thing they'll rush for are the books rather than the clothes put out to dry...

this delhi book fair, as i thought of the last year's affair, where she must have had entered my heart firmly, i remembered a dream long forgotten. of a home made of words & wisdom, of stories & spices, of her and of me.

and some evening, when the sun has gone away to light a distant world, we'll write a story about a home full of books, life and love.

tum padhoge na, hamari woh kahani?
(you'll read, that story of ours, won't you?)


Anonymous said...

It is a home my dearest.
looking back at the day spent with u last year at book fair, i had decided to spend many such days in book fairs, i had wanted to n i hope it continues.

Bhavna Bhatnagar said...

yes!...with a preview so beautiful, the story would definitely be engrossing! :-)

Devil Mood said...

Ah, that's lovely.
I think books can be the most important part of the furniture. Books and joy, I suppose. :)

KAYLEE said...


Anonymous said...

thank you for stepping by visiting my blog and reading my words.

Movie Mazaa said...

a home made of words & wisdom, of stories & spices, of her and of me.

- thats the stuff dreams are made of! Wow~!!

As for the story, u bet we will be around to give it a read!

Anonymous said...

ek gaana aa raha hai abhi dimaag mein...ble to gaa deta hoo

" yahi hota pyaar hai kya...mere dil-e-bekraar..."

how r u brother...tum dono ki chotti chottti baateing... kya kahe..wish u all love n luck

delhidreams said...

dee: it IS a home dearest.

bhavna: insha allah! it will be.

devil mood: yes, the joy of books! thanks for the visit. hope u'll come again.

kaylee: thanks kaylee. how r u doing?

mindslide: it is entirely my pleasure mind. but u dint say a word about our store, here :)

mm: thanks dost. u will read that story someday. promised.

dreamcatcher: never heard that song, i suppose, ya tumne gaya galat hai ;)
haan, it is these little things that'll make our utopia worth inhabiting. isn't it? thanks.

Keshi said...

books...ahhh one of the best things in life!


Aditi said...

hmm i remember that now dont i

delhidreams said...

keshi: :)

twin: yes you do. who else should =)

Gill said...

Such a beautiful, sumptuous, book filled divine post!!!
I can't wait for it to rain now...

Anonymous said...

I enjoy it!
The store here is a joy.
a joy watching you two young people who have fallen in love like this :)
The joy here that reminds me of Love and the miracle that happens,

May you be overshadowed with the Neverending/Everlasting String Of Love

starry said...

I can see your home full of books.I love books and it is an important part of my life, it takes me to distant places and strange faces and most of all it makes me forget my woes.Loved the way you wrote about the books.

delhidreams said...

gillian: it did rain last night :)

mind: thanks mind. "u two young ppl" ? u r not that old i suppose :) and yes,

starry: thanks lalitha. and it IS very important for me to be a part of our universe :) welcome back to delhidreams. hope u r feeling better now. take care please.

jac said...

Wishing is easy but wishing from heart is rare.

All the best adi

I am eager to read.

delhidreams said...

jac: thanks buddy. god willing, you all will :)

oceanic mirages said...

nice pic sweetheart.

dreamt before

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