Monday, September 24, 2007

on reading marquez's '100 years of solitude' (updated*)

jaane ye kaun
meri rooh ko chuukar gujra
waqt ne rok liye hain kadam apne
aur maut
aur zindagi
dono saheliyan
tham gayin hain raah mein aate aate
mere wajood ki hadd par

khilkhilati huyi
keh rahi hain mujhse
ja kar le ishq
jitna kar paye tu

attempted translation (*updated. as i din't feel it conveyed the right feel. this is not a happy-in-love poem. it is a reminder of the meager time i've to love and be loved.)

don't know who
has brushed past
my soul
that, time has stopped his march
and death
and life,
both the friends
have paused at the edge of my existence
on their way towards me

making fun
smiling, saying
love, do love
as much as you can


Anonymous said...


Gill said...

Simply wonderful in every way, thank you.

delhidreams said...

switch and gillian:
thanks for the comments, but m sure, much was lost in this attempted translation :) hope to get u better one soon!

oceanic mirages said...


Ash said...

Beautiful and poignant!

dharmabum said...

love, limitless. what a thought.

madelyn said...

beautiful! it is a wonderful book -
but i read it when i was 15 - too
young to quite grasp it -
my favorite of his is
"Love in the time of cholera"

love to you and Dee Adi!

starry said...

Just it.

Sigma said...

The poem is beautiful ....
but sorry to say the translation still doesn't match it. But still, for those who cant read hindi, it lets them enjoy your thoughts and words.

delhidreams said...

dee: can the force teach me how to translate well?

ash: thanks.

dharma: m sorry, but this is perhaps 'cos of the bad translation. it was meant to show the limited time i have to love.

maddie: the trouble is, have not been able to do justice to the translation. and 15 years, is yes a young age for this book. next from marquez will be, chronicles of a death foretold.

starry: thanks again.

sigma: thanks but :(

Anonymous said...

i would change making fun to mocking somehow... resonates...adds to the edge and bitterness...but takes away from khilkhilati. - vebhuti

delhidreams said...

vebhu: perils of translation? :)

dreamt before

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