Friday, October 12, 2007

ek umr aur

jab boodhe ho jayenge, hum dono
jab main tumhari aankhon ke kinaron mein
ginoonga wo har lamha
jab tum hansi thi khul ke
aur chehre ki har jhurri mein
jioonga har ghadi hamare pyaar ki
aisa karte karte jab
kheench loonga tumhein bahon mein apni
tumhi batao pyaar
kaisi woh umr hogi

when we both are old
when i'll count in the laugh lines
every moment
you laughed with abandon
and in every wrinkle of your face
will live each moment of our love
when doing this
i'll pull you into my arms
do tell me love
what an age it will be


starry said...

Adi such a cute poem. I hope "J" will feel like that when I am old and wrinkled. Have a good weekend my friend.

mystic rose said...

beautiful! ive just been perusing your blog and enjoying your writing.

Aditi said...

y is this one so familiar?

Gill said...

Yes! Another home run!!! Loved this. Your posts always bring light to my day. Thank you.
Love love love your new banner too. You have the best designs!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a mostly silent reader of your poems - and what poems they are, always managing to strike a chord within me somewhere.

Someday, I wish I have someone to say that to.

Great job, Adi. And I hope you thank your muse often. ;)

Abhishek Dadhich said...

Excellent... Lovely post Adi and the translation is also very good. All us lovers actually come to think of old age with our lover quite often, as we all believe that the love that binds us will never get old. Just imagining, how beautiful those laugh lines and wrinkles would look to our old blinding eyes...

delhidreams said...

starry: thanks and yes, i hope the same thing from every man and woman in love :)

rose: thanks. and welcome to delhidreams. hope u'll come again to spread some more mystical fragrance :)

adi: because it is.

gillian: :) ha ha, thanks. its not me, the light comes through her, her love. m just a medium to transmit it all. did u read the banner text? its by rabindranath tagore!

vi: u will have. i'll pray. thanks. and as fas as the muse is concerned, i cant thank her enough :)

dust: u took it a step forward! thanks dost :)

oceanic mirages said...

i love you...

How do we know said...

"Love is when my grandfather paints the toenails of my grandmother because she is arthritic and cannot paint them herself, even if he cannot see very well himself. "
- Your post reminded me of this one. :-)

Udan Tashtari said...

कोमल भावों के साथ सुन्दर अभिव्यक्ति-बधाई, एडी.

Cuckoo said...

Am I late ? Not really because I had read your poem thru Google reader but couldn't come to comment.

Wonderful words Adi, you just know how to strike that chord within us & bring so much light to otherwise so dull life.


Sigma said...

Woh umr hogi ...
Ek zinadagi ki anubhutiyo.n se
Dil ko dhaDkaane waali
Ek yug ki yaado.n se
Man ko sajaane waali
Saath chale pad-chinho.n ko muD kar dekhne
Aur muskuraane waali
Pyaar ke ankahe shabd
Khamohi mei.n bataane waali ...

delhidreams said...

deepti: ji. jaan kar behad khushi huyi ;)

howdy: *sigh*

udan tashtari: dhanyavad sameer :)

cuckoo: same to u dost. thanks.

sigma: beautiful ms. S :) loved every word of it. and visualised her with me, reading and traveling on the journey called life. thanks for the wonderful words.

Movie Mazaa said...

real, real, real awesome!
Adi, I am real awed at the way u cook up such well-penned posts in so little time!

heights of creativity??

delhidreams said...

velu: but why do they say 'fallen in love' then? :) thanks velu

dreamt before

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