Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a day that turned into a dream

में और तुम
गुजर रहे हैं
केम्प्स की एक सड़क से
लाल ईंट की दीवारें
घने हरे पेड़
और समय एक छोटे बच्चे सा
कूदता-फान्द्ता हमारे चारों और
लाता है चुन-चुन के चीजें
बड़ी सी
रस्ते का एक मटमैला पत्थर
सूखे हुए पत्तों का जोडा
उस पेड़ के लट्टू से घूमने वाले हलके भूरे बीज
जिसका नाम भी हमें पता नही

और धुप का एक टुकडा
थाम लिया है जिसने हाथ मेरा
धीरे से
कल रात
सपना देखा मैंने
एक सच्चा सा

कल की रात
बड़ी रोशन थी

translation spoiler in the comments section :)


adi said...

me and you
are strolling through
a road in the campus
red brick walls
dense green trees
and time like a young child
playing around us
brings treasures
a muddy stone from the road
coupled dried leaves
spinning top seeds of that tree
we don't even know the name of

and a piece of sunshine
which has held my hand
last night
i saw a dream
almost real

last night
was truly resplendent

How do we know said...


Anonymous said...


Alok said...

I love the way u write and u know that ..

"रस्ते का एक मटमैला पत्थर
सूखे हुए पत्तों का जोडा
उस पेड़ के लट्टू से घूमने वाले हलके भूरे बीज
जिसका नाम भी हमें पता नही" - whops Adi this was something ... extremely good ... and loved the way u ended ..

"कल की रात
बड़ी रोशन थी

Hindi /urdu by its structure is a very powerful language and is perhaps far more effective in expressing emotions ........ and english perhaps finds it very difficult to match up with the same emotions that Hindi / urdu throws up

very very well written


PS: Merry Christmas and Happy holidays


MM said...

...and ofcourse a very merry xmas and an extremely wonderful new year to u as well! do hv a blast!

oceanic mirages said...

aur us roshan raat me maine dekha khilti subah ko,
dekha ki nikhar rahe hain rang saare,
aur simat kar aana chahte hain daaman me mere,
sang tere,
fir udti titliyon ki tarah chhu kar haule se,
gungunate hai vahi...
na jane kitni sadiyon purani kahani...
kuch apni, kuch hamari...

Ash said...

Happy new Year!!


Loved the Hindi version more. I am so touched. Beautifully written Adee. The feelings that you share, the words that you play with, the thoughts you romance... Extraordinarily Beautiful!


Amazing Adee. Truly touched.

dreamt before

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