Tuesday, April 08, 2008

but before that...

spring and summer and me and dee
went to a park
to play hide and seek
summer's turn came first
and off went we three
as i hid behind a trunk
dee climbed up the tree
while spring chose a bush
but kept jumping up & down with glee
shh spring, i said
don't bounce up like a spring
summer is strong, and smart unlike thee
you'll be caught the moment
she opens her eyes to see
shh you, naughty spring said to me
i've spread dried leaves all over the place
when summer comes
we'll hear as she treads
shh now, do you hear her coming
shh listen, here is she


Arti Honrao said...

Cho chweet!


oceanic mirages said...

i loooooooove this piece, its a language of pure sense n simplicity, n just right to cheer someone up while one is trying to read nietzshe :-)

How do we know said...

as usual, excellent imagery!!

Ash said...

How sweet!

Aparna Mudi said...

not so sweet,,,,
i wanna play too.... i swear, despite my size.. i hide well...
and i hate summer... that idiot caught up with spring first... male chauvnist pig...why couldnt he catch u first and get u a lil tanned....????poor spring she cant even search out people properly...as far as i know u guys.. u would go looking out for spring and pretend even summer is spring.

human being said...

and my soul was jumping up and down like a spring while reading these bouncing words and rhythms...

Sigma said...

its lovely .... simple and sweet

Chimer said...

Very nice.

But my sympathies lie with dee. Despite conveniently being used to begin the rhyming pattern in the first line(a zillion words rhyme with dee),despite working the hardest(do you know how difficult it is to climb a tree before the count of 20?),despite performing the best(tree is surely a better hiding place than a rather unimaginative tree trunk or an obvious bush) and also despite refraining from risking the whole team's success through idle self congratulatory talk (not to mention foolishly jumping up and down) she is totally ignored and plays no part in the rest of the poem.

How corporate can you get.

dreamt before

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