Saturday, April 12, 2008

UTV World Movies

i've a new addiction.

once i week i go home to visit my parents and all i do is to watch this new channel, world movies

like the Spanish movie about the Falklands war i mentioned in a couple of posts ago, each one has been a humane experience in their entirety.

last week i watched again a Spanish movie about a young boy and girl who run away from home to find out the girl's father, as her parents have divorced and the mother has requested the father to sign a document which will allow her to leave the country. the girl and the boy are next door neighbours whose mothers are not on the friendliest of terms. the girl doesn't want to leave her school, friends and the place she lives in, so both of them decide to travel to the far end of Cuba where the girl's father works as in-charge of a lighthouse.

the whole movie criss-crosses through a delightful piece of childhood etched against a visual feast of Cuban landscape. the relationship between these two friends, as they leave on a journey far away from home with nothing but pennies in their pockets; the people they encounter on the way, from the funny ticket checkers in the train to the helpful villagers to the scientist out in the wilderness researching on bugs (or was it birds), each and every character so carefully crafted, howsoever little their role is; then the companionship, the fights they have on the way; to the final moment of the movie when they reach the lighthouse and find out that the father has already signed the document, with both set of parents present and fighting, bickering against each other; the innocence and bigheartedness of children starkly juxtaposed against the so-called maturity and pettiness of grown-ups; and the irony that children can find a way to be grown-up but the elders won't ever be able to be children again; and the final moment of the movie where scared children ran up to the ragged shore, the edge of their known world, and stand embraced tightly, with waves splashing them real hard, sheltering them against the very world they come from; the movie ends at this moment; leaving us guessing what happens next, perhaps the frightened children leap into the sea to run away, once and for all, perhaps they didn't and grow up to be normal, mature people like us. the end of innocence, come which way.

this morning, i saw one more movie, only half of it though as i'd to rush to office, and again the portrayal of childhood was careful and true. it was titled, 'summer with ghosts', i didn't see the whole movie, so no comments as such, but just the way the director and the cameraman have captured a child's view of the world made me wonder why do we grow up at all. and howsoever we grow up, we'll be innately children to some other superior and perhaps mature-in-the-real-sense power. be it god or some other intelligent race.

and yes, last night's movie, Minoes. a Dutch movie with English subtitles, it was so special that it deserves an individual post of its own. just let me find some time out to give it the due respect. haven't even been able to upload the Goa pics till now, so you can have a fair bit of an idea of my office schedule.

anyways, do be immersed in dreams, its weekend, and yes, happy moviewing.
love bless.
from UTV. and am so glad that i've found this one out. have seen only three and half movies on it and their each moment has been a cherished one.

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How do we know said...

i have been soo wanting to catch this channel, but of late, TV has become extinct from my life :-) sometime in the future, maybe.

dreamt before

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