Monday, April 14, 2008

fingers crossed

its your first exam tomorrow, and now for a month you'll be tense, worried, even scared of how you'll fare. relax, take a deep breath :) and just give it your hundred percent. and as much as i know you, it'll be much more than a hundred and ten percent.
best of luck dee.


Aparna Mudi said...

tu aur tere short forms. sick of them.
make what u can make of that my b.f. for the month (its boy friend and not blue film before u start making any other guesses)

How do we know said...

All the Best to Dee!

Aparna Mudi said...

adeeee....kya hai??? where are u???
i dont love u anymore... aur dee ki top aisi ki taisi...jis din agli baar milegi to uthak baithak karaungi....

dreamt before

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