Thursday, May 29, 2008


aaj jab
dekhta hoon main
apne aas paas ki duniya ko
badhte huye aage, kisi bhi keemat par
jab paata hoon main
rishte toot-te huye
saathi chhoot-te huye
darr lagta hai mujhe bohat
ghabra jata hoon main
mujhe bhi seekhna hoga
chehre par chehre lagana
aage badhte jaane ke liye
sab kuch peeche chhodte jaana
main bhi ban jaoonga
thoda aur sayana
tab tak
bas kuch aur samay
apne anchal ki chaanv
mujh se na hatana, maa

attempted translation in the comments section


delhidreams said...

when i witness
the world around
getting ahead, by whatever it takes
when i feel
bonds breaking down
friends being left behind
i get scared,
apprehensive, a lot
i'll also have to learn
wearing masks over masks
and to get ahead
leaving everything behind
i'll also become
a little more practical
till then
for a little more time
do not let go
the protection of your presence
from my being, mother

oceanic mirages said...

[there will be time, thre will be time to meet the faces that i meet,] Eliot's.

Reality is vat u believe in. :-)

pink dogwood said...

Adi - another beautiful piece.

human being said...


i'll also have to learn
wearing masks over masks'

so true... so true...
this brought tears to my eyes... the way growing up is usually a journey to forget our true self...
and yes the only place we are "us" is when we are with our 'maa'

thanks Adi for the cleansing tears...

Divesh said...

Darta hoon ye badalti duniya kahin aapko bhi na badal de
Khwaabon ko jeene waale aise hi hain duniya mein bahut kam

ishqia said...

nice one

delhidreams said...

OM: i love that line. yes, reality is what u believe in ur highness :)

Pink: thanks.

Human: can u send me ur mail id? i've to send u something. yes, the only place we r us wen we r with our maa or wen we r in the arms of the who loves us :)
and yes, i'm there

divesh: bohat accha sir! ye aapne likha?

ishqia: thanks for visiting. do come again :)

human being said...

hi adi
thank YOU
my email is on my profile page. i repeat it here just in case:

Divesh said...

Yes sir :)

delhidreams said...

human: check ur mail :)

divesh: sukriya dost. bohat accha likha hai.

Ashish Soni said...

Wah wah...

I tooo feel the same sometime...:)

samepinch... :P

delhidreams said...

ali: thanks for sharing, the pinch ;)

dreamt before

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