Wednesday, May 28, 2008

tab aur ab/ then and now

bachpan mein jab
ikatthe kiya karta tha
patthar, pille, machis ke dibbe sadak se
khush hoke badhata tha sampatti apni
aaj daudta-bhagta hoon jab
naam ke, samman ke, daam ke peeche
kyon nahi pata ab
woh pehli si khushi main

as a child, when
i used to collect
pebbles, puppies, match boxes from the road
and felt joyous at my increasing wealth
today, when i run after
name, fame and money
why don't i get now
the same happiness as before


dharmabum said...

kya har khushi sirf paaney mein hotee hain?

kaise ho bhai? :)

Divesh said...

I guess the answer is there in the question itself. Try collecting "stones", "match boxes" again .. at least some times .. it will be fun :)

delhidreams said...

dharma: u continue to ask questions in reply of questions :)

divesh: i do. but only sometimes now.

Ash said...

Achingly beautiful!

pink dogwood said...

Just happened upon your blog - I really like your 'tab aur ab' creation.

Can you explain the two lines in your blog header, I am really curious.


How do we know said...

u always put things so well!!

delhidreams said...

ash, howdy: thanks. i really wish i cud do better than this.

pink: thanks bhavna. the header words are taken from a gazhal by rajendra tiwari, and the couplet basically means, "rulers are aching to capture the world, while we beggars/poets just want to be rulers of hearts"

DeLi said...

i love collecting peebles too. taht was one best momeoirs of my childhood

pink dogwood said...

Adi - Thanks for the explanation - I love the meaning of that couplet - I must be a beggar/poet at heart :) btw, I still collect pebbles and stones when I am out and about.

human being said...


we did what we did
just for our 'id'

all we plant and sow
is just for our 'ego'

delhidreams said...

deli: :) nostalgic

pink: yes, a mother is always a poet at heart :)

human: ah! wonderful :)

dreamt before

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