Friday, June 20, 2008

abhi bhi/ yet

ek bagair-khwab insaan
us band ghar ke
bejaan dhuankash ki tarah hai
jismein sulagte nahi ab
kisse, falsafe aur kehkahe
abhi apne khwab
khoye nahi hain
abhi bhi hai thodi bohat aag
baki mujh mein

a human being without dreams
is like a chimney
of an abandoned home
in which,
stories, philosophy and laughter
don't simmer anymore
i, haven't lost
my dreams yet,
some fire, there is still
left in, within


switch said...

fire in the belly, as they say.

human being said...

may your fire within
burn for enternity
and dreams simmer
in your soul gently
forever and ever

loved the image of chimney very much...
again another fresh and rich image...
and aren't your poems the smoke coming out of the chimney?

dwaipayan said...


oceanic mirages said...

m d f b u.
i love you.

ik dhuan hai jise hawa se cheda to,
fir lagi aag,
jisne roshan hua ye ghar to dekha,
khwabon ka guldasta aaj bhi mehak raha tha, bus kho gayi thi mehak us dhuen me, jise sanso se sulgaya maine, ek nayi aag me.

DeLi said...

i love pictures of magnificent sky...and i can just relate to what youve shared

jac said...

Let dreams linger adi

delhidreams said...

fern: :)

human: i hope they are!

dwai: thanks

OM: aag hi toh chahiye na

deli: i hope so

jac: yeah, it is best if we let them linger

dreamt before

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