Monday, June 16, 2008

monsoon, phir se (once again)

suno, ke barish gunguna rahi hai
chhat ki munder par
dekho, ke sadkon mein bane talaab
bula rahe hain bacchon ko
likho, ke kaale ghane badal
le ja rahe hain sandese premiyon ke
jaano, ke mausam hai ye monsoon ka
aur keh raha hai tumse
doob jao na tum pyaar mein, phir se

hear, that the rain is humming
on the terrace's edge
see, that the puddles formed in the roads
are calling to children
write, that the dark, dense clouds
have turned into messengers for lovers
realize, that this is the season of monsoon
and is entreating you
why not soak up in love, once again


Roxanne said...

hmmmm.... you've brought a new perspective on monsoon season for me! very nice ....

DeLi said...

hello adi :-)
thats some vibrant color
to gear up monsoon


Aparna Mudi said...

aur yahan ki baarish
bas dil ko sukha aur kar jaati hai
bas door se apne boondo ki ghungru
baja jaati hai kaano mein....

bas ehsaas dilati hai uske hone ka...
khirkiyon tak nahi pahuchti,
ki uspe tera naam likh saku....

Aparna Mudi said...

and by the way...u were right about the translation....
i loved it...

~nm said...

Lovely poem!

And thanks for dropping by my blog! And No. None of those is my name! :D

human being said...

rain has got a sense of epiphany... as if it washes away some images to manifest some new ones... a realization of an inner insight hidden in the physical world...
and you have structured the process very beautifully:

hear... see... write... realize...

Adee, me too very excited about this shared thoughts among all the friends in blogland... and all this happening unconsciously... as if our souls are involved in a constant dialog...
just a few hours ago i wrote my new post... and now that i'm here i see those shared elements "once again"
and what is that we 'write' after all?
isn't it love raining upon our pages of life?

as i was writing all this, i felt the presence of another blog friend, Jon (Hopper)... why?
because of the water images he's used in his works... so majestically!

oceanic mirages said...

haan barish aur boonden
sand badal k jhoomen
dil, phene ithlaye,
tere pyar ka surkh joda
aur ...

delhidreams said...

honour: :) i thought it was something that everyone felt! anyways, thanks.

deli: yes, that is. thanks.

shadows: u shud be titled the 'impromptu poet' that was a very beautiful piece of heart. although i don't like the circumstances that produce it :(
and yes, thanks for the 'translation' kudos. is baar mehnat kari thi thodi ;)

nm: hmmm. will have to search some indian baby name sites now ;) thanks for visiting delhidreams. hope u'll continue. i, of course will be dropping by often at ur place :)

human: is 'baaraan' rain in farsi? yes, it is love raining onto the blank pages of my life :) will visit hopper's blog soon. take care, my soul friend.

OM: aur...?
apki baaton mein phir koi sharat toh nahi, bevajah tarif karna apki aadat toh nahi, apki badmashiyon ke ye naye andaj hain ;)

Gill said...

Celebration of monsoon season...:)

oceanic mirages said...

vo chand lamhe, jab sunu tujhe,
phir padhun tujhe, phir likhun tujhe, phir kahun tujhe,aur nazr uthe jab haule se, to jo beet raha tha sawan kal, fir khada darwaze pe, khatkhataye, fir boonden aakar khidki se, mujhe cheden aur gudgudayen, ki ab to uthun aur dekhun unhe, fir uth ke dekhun to dekhun tujhe.

Ash said...


ishqia said...

really nice..

ur header image is also really cool

delhidreams said...

gillian: thanks blue :)

OM: phir uth ke dekhun aur tu dikhe, woh subah kamal ke jaise khile...

ash: thanks

ishqia: thanks. i hope u like this header pic too :)

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