Thursday, June 26, 2008

subah ka chand/ morning moon

subah subah jab ankh khuli, toh dekha
char panchi aye the mujhe jagane
aur barish ne har or
jheena parda taan rakha tha
ghadi dekhi, toh cheh baj chuke thhe kab ke
mann kiya, un panchiyon ko bolun
ke jakar uski khidki ke bahar
shor machayein, zara neend se jagayein usse
phir dhyan aaya, ki raat bhar padha hoga woh
akash ki kali slate par
raat bhar likhi hongi aayatein usnein
abhi abhi toh gaya hi hoga
apni kitabein copiyaan samet kar
abhi toh sone hi doon
chup-chaap main apne chaand ko

waking up in the morning, i saw
that four, winged friends have come to wake me up
and rain has draped
a faint curtain all around
saw the watch, it was well past six
i almost asked those birds
to go, make a noise outside her window
and wake her up
then i realised, that she must have studied all night
on that empty, black slate board of sky
she must have written hymns, all night
it wouldn't have been long, collecting her books and notebooks
that she would have gone home
its better if i let
my moon, sleep a little bit more

it was a beautiful sunday morning i woke up to :) and as always, the translation, is just not enough to depict what my heart sings in Hindi....


How do we know said...

i'm so glad u r in love, bcs it makes u write such awesome poetry.

pink dogwood said...

I really like these lines:

akash ki kali slate par
raat bhar likhi hongi aayatein usnein

Vidya said...

Visiting here after a long time. It's been lovely to see your writing.

switch said...

it does. I agree. awesome.

dwaipayan said...

sometimes i just wonder how well u can translate ur emotions into words and that too in 2 languages

delhidreams said...

howdy: he he, that means, dee ke pehle main accha nahi likhta tha kya?

pink: thanks bhavs :)

vi: ah! do i see a glimmer of hope...

fern: :) thanks. hope u r better now.

dwai: translation ki tareef mat kar please... ;)

human being said...

especially i loved the ending...
that double effect of the moon

love can change the way celestial bodies move, eh?

sure it does 'cause all the ways are circles...
the crow is so happy you believe in the same thing...

oceanic mirages said...

i will not say any thing apart frm saying that i love you.
no critical analysis crap...
this is beauty beyond description.

Jon said...

this is a beautiful site... of the few posts I've read the one I like the best is DREAMING OF YOUR EYES... very poignant...


Beautiful in both languages.

somehow I was reminded of that old film song -
Ho ke majboor mujhe usne bhulaya hoga.....

Am going to read all your poetry now

DeLi said...

its been a while since ive passed by here. sublime as always

Anonymous said...

as usual beautiful..

do u knw u r jst working like wine. getting sweeter with each passing day..

its really awesome man!

delhidreams said...

human: the circles line was taken from one of your friend's comment on ur blog post :) wud like to know more abt it. and yes, those who know me, know that i relate moon to her in most of my poetry :)

OM: then it is you :):)

hopper: thanks friend. hope u continue to visit delhidreams. welcome.

raji: i wonder why that song only :) to phir, did u read all my poetry? ;)

deli: thanks friend :)

dreamcatcher: he he, in poetry this was usualy attributed to women or love itself. but to me? thanks bhai :)


Indeed, I did. And loved them. As I mentioned in my comment in May 14th.
Dream both languages. You have the heart of a poet, and the felicity with words to express your thoughts so beautifully.

delhidreams said...

raji: thanks raji. once, and if i do publish my book of poetry, will you buy one copy :)


I definitely will, especially if it will have your autograph and photograph as well!

delhidreams said...

raji: thanks. u made my morning :)

dreamt before

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