Tuesday, August 12, 2008

of winners and losers

"Back in Beijing, a little after the Tricolour went up and the national anthem was played for the first time since the Indian hockey team won its last gold medal at Russia in 1980, Bindra preferred to remain modest and said: "I sincerely hope my medal changes the face India's Olympic sports. I worked hard, left home and trained in Germany. It proves that if you keep working hard you have your day some day and it was fortunately my day today. For me life will go on as usual but I sincerely hope Olympic sports get a leg up. It's not a priority back home and I hope more focus is paid to these events." says The Pioneer here after the first ever individual gold medal by an Indian at the Olympics.


"Beaten, broken, and ambushed by a man who likes to flick the ball with his middle finger." says Dileep Premchandran in cricinfo here after India's series loss to the Lankans.


Anonymous said...

thanks a million!:)

Anonymous said...

hehe...now thats a thought!:)

dreamt before

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