Monday, August 18, 2008

on independence day

main jab sota hoon raat ko
toh meri ankhon ke aage
khali tukda rehta hai aasmaan ka
kala, gehra, raat ke rang mein bheega hua
mera aasmaan
phir main bunta hoon khwab kayi
ek ek karke
sitaron sa tangta hoon unhein
aur roshan kar leta hoon
aasman ke
apne us tukde ko main

at night, when i sleep
their lies, in front of my eyes
a part of vacant sky
black, dark, dipped in the colors of night
my sky
then i start weaving dreams, many
one by one
i hang them up like stars
and alight
that vacant part of sky,
which is mine


Aparna Mudi said...

start putting up image courtesies u are violating IPR....
hmmmm u have found ur mid way... though in very small quantities

pink dogwood said...

Take a blank canvas and paint it with the color of your dreams - this is so beautiful.

Once again, love your blog header. Did you come up with that quote?

How do we know said...

i like that piece, as usual.

This year, when i was taking Ishaan for his first flag hoisting, i made him stand for Jana Gana Mana, and said to him, Be grateful that you were born when you had the freedom to hoist this flag, son. be grateful that you can paint your own sky with your own dreams.. honest, those are the words i said to him... and then i saw ur post.. :-) talk abt coincidences!

oceanic mirages said...

Aur raat k un taron ki roshni subah k suraj k taap me chaya ban kar aati hai, aur hazar muskurahat de jati hai.

delhidreams said...

shadows: :)

pink: thanks. yes, for a change that header pic has my words with it.

howdy: beautiful words howdy. i wish each of us had the same passion for freedom and dreams in us. thanks for this beautiful experience :)

OM: sirf muskurahatein nahi OM, ab toh hazar aansuon se mukabla hai na.

human being said...

sometimes clouds
may hide them from my eyes

sometimes tears
may blur them for a while

yet i know
they are there
for me
to catch...

Adi, you poem touches deep
so beautiful...

delhidreams said...

human: yes they are there. dreamy and mirageous. thanks for letting it be what it is.

dreamt before

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