Tuesday, September 23, 2008

gift a smile today

when i'd started net surfing, this site was one of my favourites. i used to be present in almost everyone's inbox three or four times a week. dheere-dheere, slowly, the novelty wore off. also because i did not get as much replies as i would have loved to. it happens. so, no complaints. even i've been guilty of doing the same to some of my best friends. and to life itself. taking it for granted.

but only a few days ago, i used this site to spread cheer in a colleague's day. it was her birthday and to see the response to my mail in her smile... it made my day too. she played my mail over and over again, and the best thing was i'd mailed her from a different id, so she was not sure who had sent her the mail :)

after two-three hours, when she finally got to know, she mailed me and profusely thanked for that wonderful card i'd sent her way. it certainly did brighten up her day.

yes, it was only a free e-card that i'd sent her. but it worked. and how! now i'm again hooked to the site. now once again, i'm ready to spread smiles in people's lives. and no, am not being paid by these guys to spread the word ;)

you all know this, but do check the link here. and do gift a smile today.

- adi

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks again!!! yes, made my day tooo ... n it ws soooooo cute ...

dreamt before

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