Wednesday, September 24, 2008

मुक्ति / redemption

किसी पके फल के, धरती पर गिर कर
बीज बनने से पहले
उस फल के पहले के फूल के
पहली बार पहले पेड़ पर खिलने से पहले
हरी-भरी पत्तियों के खिलखिलाने से पहले
उन भूरी, कंटीली डालियों के बढ़ने से पहले
पेड़ की छाल पर गहराते हुए रंग के घिर आने से भी बहुत पहले
एक स्वप्न हुआ करता है
हर पिछली पीढ़ी के बीज का
के एक दिन ये बंजर, बेजान रेगिस्तान
महकेगा नखलिस्तान बनकर
पर उसमें समय लगता है
यहाँ कुछ भी जल्दी नहीं होता
क्योंकि, मेरे प्यार
रेगिस्तान के दिन लंबे बहुत होते हैं

before a ripe fruit falls on the earth
and becomes a seed
before the flower which precedes this fruit
flowers for the first time on the first tree
before ripe green leaves start smiling
and those thorny, brown branches start growing
much before the dark color storms the bark
there exists a dream
of every previous generation's seed
that someday, this barren, lifeless desert
will flower and come alive, becoming an oasis
but that takes time
nothing here, happens quickly
because, my love
the days of the desert are too long


starry said...

this poem is so deep and with so much meaning.

How do we know said...

You know Adi, of late, all the poems you post here are brilliant. I don't know whether this is because u have started to edit and decide the pieces that you put up, or this is because of a sudden bout of great creation that you have been blessed with. Either way, its a bonanza for ur readers. I can't wait for the next one to come up.

neersart said...

hi adi.....reading ur lines after a very long time...dont know wat n how to comment, all of them r so beautiful, meaningful n deep...u really have come a long way..keep it up my friend. God bless u.

Divesh said...

beautiful ..

hideindisguise said...


oceanic mirages said...

aur har us lambe din ke,
har ik lambe lamhe me piro kar,
choti choti yadon ke katre, vahin ret ki tahon ke bheetar, kuch sadiyon ke baad milte hain, sagar ki surmayi satah par, seep k saanche se ban,
swapnil sunder moti...

Anonymous said...


human being said...

BEFORE reading the poem, the seed you planted in the title directed my mind to a path... a long one...
and me walking patiently on it... with a growing hope to be delivered from... from...


after reading your stunning poem, i found this truth...


delhidreams said...

starry: yes it is. even m lost in it sometimes :)

howdy: m glad u r liking these. m honored i wud have said, but dat wud smell of ego :)

neer: one of my most treasured comments ever :)

divesh: thanks

HID: thanks

OM: i wish i cud translate it in english and let other read it too :) beyond what i wrote sweetheart.

SPS: thanks. will be visiting u soon :) do visit often!

human: :) truth is always stunningly simple!

dreamt before

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