Wednesday, October 01, 2008


even before the best-in-class weathermen start thinking about taking their thermometers and barometers and metermeters out, my body starts giving accurate signals about the changing weather.

mr. throat is showing signs of a quite indifference to the needs of verbal communication with my fellow homo sapiens. ms. voice is changing to the more throatier of tones and in a few days from now, i'm sure ms. nose would have started running all through the day. she doesn't lose any flab is another story, by the way.

on the other hand m/s eye and eye won't be lagging behind and the company will start a massive lay-off soon. all the tearful employees will have no place to go but run down the now reddenning corridors of m/s cheek and cheek.

infact, so sure i am of these impending calamities, that i'm already preparing my defences against the changing times.

and still they say, winter is at least a month away.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Adi,
I thought that I would come to pay you a visit. Here, the Winter signals us through the wind direction, it's temp. and the rate of plant growth. I am sorry to hear of your situation at work. I work at home. I must compromise. I am happy working with wood, but I also do not make a lot of money. I just love the wood. Soon I hope to make larger pieces, and perhaps make more money. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

hey saw the link of the blog on caferati group..won't be able to cum this time..but very happy to discover your blog!!!

and yeah it's the season where all faithful employees ..become renegades :P!!!

dreamt before

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