Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Happiness

am happy

One of my poems has been selected in the Poets Who Blog September collection, here. PWB is a fantastic community of poets who come together and share their creations, from all around the world. You are also welcome to be a part of this online poetry site. Thanks to Sara for picking up my poem Versus and for her and my fellow poets encouragment.

am also happy because i've been awarded a couple of times by my fellow bloggers Howdy and Starry, here and here respectively. to top it, one of sweetest freinds has written a post, entirely dedicated to me! (here it is) am delighted naturally :)

and to increase my happiness, a very dear blog-friend has come out with her first published book. you can check her blog here. as am really bad with book reviews, i'll request her to post a short extract from the book so that the delhidreams family can visit and enjoy the experience of reading it, and eventually encourage the story teller by buying more and more copies of her passionate 'straight from the heart' venture :)

what i am most happy about is the season of festivals has started and winter is almost on the horizon. the bath water early morning has started to turn cold ;) and am looking forward to enjoy the days ahead. and to post more of my humble words here.

delhidreams is all happy-shappy these days.


oceanic mirages said...

congratulation my dear.
m d f b w u.

Cuckoo said...

Congratulations !!

@dee: Eh, again ?? m d f b w u ?

Ab bata bhi do kya hai ye..

I am stuck at My Dear ...... You. :(


delhidreams said...

OM: mdfbwu dear

cuckoo: ab yeh dee hi bataye toh accha hai ;) and thanks dear

How do we know said...

happy shappy hi raho.. achha lagta hai..
I read that post.. its so wonderful! Beautiful ode to you.. .reminds me of the friends i had years ago.. vo bhi aise hi the..

Aparna Mudi said...

the mdfbwu might mean



aur nahi sujh raha...

and congrats...
im sorry i was so angry with u....
but cant handle thinking i dont understand... or i am not that good a friend anymore...
breaking news friend

(this bloody post doesnt hav anonymous posting for some reason)

coyote said...

Good news! Congratulations, and I hope the festival season is a good one for you....

Arti Honrao said...

Hi Adee!

I am really happy for you :)
Aapki khushi ko bhagwan buri nazar se bachaaye ...
Congratulations for the dedicated post :)

Saari khushiyon mein ek khushi mere liye, I am touched!

Of course, I will post the extract from the book for the delhidreamers...

Thanks again
Bhagwan aapko dher saari khushiyaan de.

"m d f b w u." google try maara, it comes with ur blog *lol*
Yeh paheli suljha do ;)


Arti Honrao said...

mekko pata chala mekko pata chala ... parr main yahan nayee bataungi :p

hv messaged u :D


WarmSunshine said...

nice work on your page. i'm a big october fan too :) I simply simply love it!!
keep up the good work :)

chunky said...

glad to see you happy! and congratulations! october has begun, and I kind of love it, and it's already started to get crazily cold here, i am not eager to think that october will end soooon :(

harsh raj said...

Congtrats bandhu!

I also visit your blog and share the things experienced, with folks here.

Your Bandhu!

Harsh Raj

starry said...

congratulations Adi, I am so happy that your poem was picked, you really write so well.

dharmabum said...

happy shappy is good, brother!

human being said...

oh i'm late!
congrats for all this...
you deserve even more...

delhidreams said...

howdy: :):)

shadows: u must be eating a lot of cheese n corn to come with that!!!
anyways, why were u sorry for being angry with me? m not sorry for being angry with u! and i still stay with my point. and i never said u were not good a friend anymore. bus thodi si samjhdari ki kami hai, aur kya :)

coyote: thanks buddy. same to you.

arti: bus aap to kuch mat bolo ab :)

warmsunshine: thanks for visiting delhidreams. m glad u liked it. and wud love u to visit us often :)

chunky: m looking forward to it. soon it'll be winters. yey :):)

harsh: thanks bandhu :)

starry: thanks friend

dharma: yes, it is :)

human: yes, i deserve a book published in my name :)

human being said...

even more than that...
your book should be awarded

delhidreams said...

human: :) for?

dreamt before

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