Monday, July 06, 2009

Please read and comment

The following questions,

01. In India, is it possible to get braille on your visiting cards?

02. Do you know of an organisation called Esha - People for the blind?

and answer in the comments section before July 12th.

thanks a ton,



Sudeep B said...

A1. Maybe Yes. I think this can be done but will have to be done on a custom basis. Designed and printed and then the braille bit added by hand.

A2. No.

Gill said...

I don't know!
And no, I don't know!!!

Hope that helped. It would be lovely for the blind if this were true. Wouldn't it?

Ash said...

No and No

D Writer said...

A1: No, because in India blind people are still treated more like animals less like humans

A2: No

dreamt before

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