Wednesday, June 24, 2009

कल दोपहर मैंने

कल दोपहर मैंने
बसे-बसाये घरों को, उजड़ते देखा
कुछ बेजुबाँ ख्वाबों को बिखरते देखा
कल दोपहर मैंने
एक जवाँ उम्र का गुज़रना देखा
एक साया जो था सरों पर, उठते देखा
कल दोपहर मैंने,
के मोड़ पर वो जो एक पेड़ था पीपल का,

i tried but could not translate it. maybe it cannot be. so here is a brief detail of what the poem tries to convey.
it tells you how last afternoon i saw some homes getting uprooted; some silent dreams being scattered; saw a life snuffed out in its prime and a benevolent presence over our heads leaving us for the afternoon yesterday, on the corner of my street, i saw a beloved peepal tree getting sawed.



Deeply moving.

Gill said...

Is it that then life is fleeting?
All these things convey beauty snuffed out.
Just as beauty is everywhere so is the cycle of life which gives and takes away.
We must learn the inherent nature of existence in order to accept it.
Attachment is suffering.

Toon Indian said...

very beautifully written!!

* મારી રચના * said...

wah... bahut gaherai se likha hain aapne, accha kiya ki aapne translate nahi kiya...

Ash said...


How do we know said...

You're right.. this cannot be translated.. except perhaps in Punjabi.. should i do that?

pink dogwood said...

This is so beautiful

ashkd said...

hey.. is it inspired by gulzar??

dreamt before

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