Tuesday, March 23, 2010

23 March, 1931

do you know what this date stands for? i guess most of us amongst the Twitter/Facebook generation won't know. two years ago, i wrote this post, and sadly it still stands true :( when will we learn to respect our past?

can i expect a few thoughts from you?

Who killed Bhagat Singh?


Toon Indian said...

well it's true..paying homage to our leaders now a days is nothing more than a media exercise..which we all love to be a part of ..but don't think about the reasons for which our leaders gave their lives..and have we really achieved that.

Behind the growth , there is a huge abyss being created between the have and the have nots which if not taken care of would need another revolution..this time against our own country .

magesh said...

yes bro, i remember the courageous bhaghat singh.. some one tweeted about it today. I will remember these dates in future bro *i sware*

ani_aset said...

he wasn killed he was martyred

starry said...

I did not know.But now I do.Thank you for sharing so we will never forget.

dreamt before

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