Saturday, April 24, 2010

on Sachin's 38th Birthday

we all sing paeans for Sachin, put Him on the pedestal of a living God, but then what do we learn from Him? do we inculcate His humility, His commitment to work, His love and pride for the country...believe me, if we did any one of these things, we would be closer to the God He is then only remaining his fans for life. On His birthday today, i promise to myself (and to nobody else) that i'll try n inculcate these and many more learning from the only individual i've 'idolized' in my life.

thank God that i've Sachin to look up to. i wish Him all the best in everything He does.


Himanshu Bhagat said...

Happy Birthday to GOD! :)

Anonymous said...

When one looks up to a person as a role model, he/she tries to emulate that person and inculcate the good qualities that is found in that person.

How can we expect anyone to inculcate the virtues that Sachin has when 24 hours a day just isn't enough to just look up at him in admiration? :)

Happy Birthday Sachin!

Harshit said...

SRT turned 37 not 38
and eulogy is generally written for dead people O_O

newayzz.. Happy B'day SRT

Kyra said...

Haven't wondered adee, that we call men , like Sachin, who achieve success through their sheer hard work, perseverance, persistence, dedication, strength & humility, GOD....this is all it takes for a man to achieve the pinnacle in life, where his fellow beings will look upto him & find hope & determination to move on.

Each one of us is aware of these basic steps to succeed in.. life, but the difference is how many of us are strong enough to keep walking along that road with all the difficulties that come along...those who do achieve the greatness, where the entire world looks up to them as GOD.

Then why does man goes about chasing god in religion,religious texts & religious places?...when "The God" actually lies dormant within him.

delhidreams said...

harry: he turned 37, that's why this is his 38th birthday. lot many people make this mistake. for example, your first birthday was when u were born, that is when u were 0 years of age. and thus, when u turned one, it was ur second birthday.

eulogise i changed, as u rightly said most people will associate it with the dead. thanks for it :)

Harshit said...

i guess u can call it 38th too.. depends on how u look at it... but generally, i'd say, when 37 years completed in this world, 37 his age, 37 b'day, d day he was born is left out, as by most ppl, n its not a mistake.

Surubhi said...

Amen to that Adee. Thought I am not a fan of cricket I still have a tremendous respect for Sachin for his down to earth attitude to life. Wishing him Happy Birthday...may he go on playing well for years and years.

Aman Sharma said...

Dear Adee,

You have raised several points in this brief post.

1. Do we inculcate the values that Sachin displays? Yes, we do, but not to the degree that Sachin does! And that is what separates him from us.

2. Do we have leaders to look up to? No, we don't. This is especially true in the political arena. It is this vacuum that is more worrisome.

Very good thought in your post!

Twitter id : @amancool5

starry said...

I think that since he is a role model to so many,and he exhibits these God like qualities then he should be placed on a pedestal.Happy Birthday Sachin.

ani_aset said...

he's my icon and have been inculcating his values, and learning a lot from him

brightson said...

Happy birthday to THE CRICKET GOD Sachin Tendulkar..May god bless him..

dreamt before

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