Thursday, April 22, 2010

today is Earth Day

The day to think about our impact on Mother Earth, and how through the littlest of things, we can make a difference. Visit the website of the Earth Day here: and see what the world around you is doing. Take a pledge, make a conscious effort and believe that you can, yes you also can be the change in the bigger scheme of things.

These are some of the things that we can do to make sure we’re a part of the friends of our environment:

01.   Use rough, one-sided printed paper for writing.

02.   Print as little as we can. Pdfs, e-books and an MS Word files do quite good.

03.   Switch off all the unnecessary lights and electrical equipment. And if you’re the last one leaving the office, make sure that all the computers are properly shut down (in addition to blinking monitors and comp speakers!)

04.   Use your home AC on power saving and sleep mode.

05.   Do not put electrical equipments like TV and Comps on prolonged stand-bys.

06.   Try to use only that much water as required. Living in Delhi, I’ve known what water scarcity is and try my utmost to save as much as I can.

Above are the few things that I consciously attempt to make a difference to the environment. And I’m sure you too will be doing something for Mother Earth. Little habits leave a big impact. Let’s come together, share our common wisdom and together be the difference that only we can be.

Green Regards,



Surubhi said...

Me's doing my bit too in my own small little way :)

delhidreams said...

LT: why don't u write a blog post and tell us about ur little endeavors :)

Kyra said...

as usual great initiative, little efforts can set in motion, wheels of a big change...Keep up the effort Kudos :)

ani_aset said...

doing Adee...I save all my rough papers and print on them again. use double side printing and also print 4 pages on a single sheet :) apart from doing what you mentioned here

Bhumish Gajjar said...

Ah! Am kinda perfect in this matter :)
eco-friendly ;o)

Romel said...

You may want to live in a place like this:

Lets make it a better place to live...

Manish said...

Good initiative, good suggestions,just wish to add to what you have mentioned..the recycling of paper and recycling of water.

Vivek said...

fill a one ltr water bottle and put it in ur flush tank it will help u save around 12 to 20 ltrs of water everyday

magesh said...

great suggestions bro :)
i do follow a lot from the above list..
and here is my point..
how about giving saplings as gifts at any events/bday

oceanic mirages said...

i support u and the cause.
Vaise hi saala bijli paani nahi aata jo aata hai use bhi save karungi toh fir use kya karungi?

starry said...

Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips to keep the earth green.

serendipity said...

haha for oceanic s comments
abs bingo and spot on for anyone whos been in UP the land of no bijlee no paani
one suggestion folks..when u go shopping to those malls try to take as few carrybags from them
we return shoppers half their plastic / and put all the clothes etc in one!
Do carry those natty jute bags for grocery shopping as well

Unknown said...

Wonderful advice
Wonderful thoughts...

While we struggle, here in the west, to find more oil, coal, and renewable energy like solar & wind, we waste something like 38% of the energy we produce.

An old farmer once told me long ago:
"We all fish from the same pond"

I will never forget having that realization

Use less
Want less
Waste less
Appreciate more...


dreamt before

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