Wednesday, July 07, 2010

How do you exorcise your grief?

my dear friend n erudite blogger, Mo wrote a delightful verse 'How do you exorcise your grief' here: new poem by Mo!

after i wrote this in the comments section i felt that it is good as a stand alone poem too! please read the original one at the link above and then only read this. ur comments, at both the blogs will be eagerly awaited :) thanks!

How do you exorcise your grief?

i welcome my grief
to sit beside
and (we) share our joys
lest foes we become
because i found out
very early in life
grief when made a friend
is grief exorcised


Surubhi said...

So true...till we make our peace with grief it keeps haunting best to make it your friend than struggle with it as a foe :)

serendipity said...

why would i
to exorcise my grief
it is the reason
for me to live,
without this ache
my companion pain
the stars and moon too
would fade
my grief
is mine forever

unlike thee
who chose
to go away!

serendipity said...

now where did my comment go?

Ire said...

I agree! What a simple way of saying something so profound?

D Writer said...

Shhhhhhhhh....don't let grief know or else it will never let go...

beautiful poem as always

Accidental Fame Junkie said...

Adee: You always finish my poems! :D And thank you! I am feeling very shy and very glad.

AFJ (Mo)

Harish said...

grief when made a friend,
ends all pretense.

when with thee.
you just be.

a story in continuum,
with no tragic end.


Such wisdom , so well expressed

human being said...

i've been to your friend's site earlier this morning... sincere and beautiful work...

i also like your poetic response... the soothing image you create... yes... to befriend with our sadness is the only way out...

we sit with our friend and talk and understand him/her little by little... and understanding is love... and love is the only healer...

thanks for sharing

oceanic mirages said...

it is one of those few poems that i really enjoyed reading. yes we all try to exorcise our or the other wat but we all end up grieving one or the other thing. the space time continuum never really allows one to that freedom to exorcise. it never is in our hands. it never was and never will. it is not a pessimistic statement neither do i favor nihilism yet...

Srushti Rao said...

Wow! Such simple yet meaningful lines.

I also like Serendipity's take on it.

It is only my grief
That makes me so wise
Without this grief
Will I ever know the price

My grief make me write
My grief makes me think
It makes me wiser
But when I have had enough
I resort to exorcism

dreamt before

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