Thursday, July 08, 2010

new blog!

it is almost 11 in the night, while m still in the office, waiting for an extremely frustrating day to get over. the only bright point in my day was this: a new blog that i've started and will dedicate to photography.

i love photography and had been neglecting my passion for it for a long time now. but last week, i saw a program on NGC, about their top ten photos of the year and it gave me a big jolt. here were people who would go to any length to get that perfect photograph and here was i, not clicking anything for months on end!

at the end of the program, while different photographers were talking about things that move them, shoot after shoot, year after year, i realized that i too wanted to be a photographer some day (well, amongst many many things), that i too wanted to capture moments (whether by being a photo artist or a poet or a painter) and store them for eternity.

this blog is a result of that epiphany.i hope i'm able to rekindle and continue with my love of photography. of course, your support is more than required.

wish me luck and perseverance :)


Kyra said...

people can go to any length to gt a perfect pic...I'd once spent 6 hrs lying on my back in a field to get a pic I wanted & still I wasn't happy with what i got & I'm not even peple would call an amateur photographer...just best wishes..hope u succeed & have fun :-)

Sudeep B said...

you certainly have an eye for good photographs... best of luck mate...

Vidya said...

I'll look forward to see all your photography.

Surubhi said...

Go adee gooooooooo :)

dreamt before

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