Friday, July 09, 2010

of mental notes

the office is calm today. a whole department that sits across the aisle has left for a hilly retreat. my team, is silently slogging under the weight of unrealistic client expectations. we are seeing another weekend going up in smoke. if this happens, it'll be my third working weekend in a row. haven't met her for around a month now.

just two cubicles ahead of me, two of my senior teammates are busy discussing a work, that i hope doesn't involve me. apart from them, there is just two much calm. like thoughts and ideas in my head, things are strewn across my desk. an almost empty water bottle (which reminds me that i still don't drink as much water as i should); a single chapati neatly squared and folded in the foil it came in from home; a silent pair of desktop speakers, mobile, pen, two empty glasses of chai on a piece of paper that has a client's de-brief note printed on it; a pencil lying on top of it with which a friend was writing a poem on a loosely bound notebook of one side printed A4 sheets given to me by our photocopy machine operator.

the friend wrote my name, department and subject of the 'roughbook' on the top right hand corner, just like we used to do in our school days. beneath it, on the left hand side he wrote the names of people who went with me to Khajuraho this March. (seems like a long time ago, and i make one more mental note to finish my Khajuraho blog!) he has also written a poem beneath all of this and has asked me to complete it. to which i'd replied, please do finish it yourself as i'm not in the mental state to do it.

and now that somebody is playing a song from 'Jab we met' i'm out of this sweet reverie of sorts i was having. its time to go back to slogging once again. and making more of mental notes of and about life yet to live...


Surubhi said... still waiting for more on that :) hota hai adee...we dream of doing lots of things but we just get so distracted with our regular day to day hassles of life that we sideline them...but they live on inside our soul. I know you'll do all the things that you want to do and more....if not today then sooner rather than later. Amen :))

Ire said...

I hate so working weekends! And you must meet her soon ya...this is so frustrating! Hope you have a better sunday!

Anonymous said...

sometimes its a good way to de stress yourself by writing all out .. :)

dreamt before

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