Tuesday, July 13, 2010

weekend, health and good wishes

it is a sad commentary on my health status that i missed just one day of office and everyone around assumed that i must have been ill! morning onwards, have been warding off questions regarding my health and illness. sudden sniffles after last night's weather turnaround in Delhi also helped create an additional effect! people worried so much about my health through the day that i actually am not feeling well now :(

had an amazing three day weekend! though Monday was spent majorly in renovation work going on at home. lots of roaming around, shopping, meeting a dear friend, eating out, and most importantly- spending quality time with her and making plans about our future. there was also a fabulous electric pole fire right in front of my house that i've recorded and will share with you soon.

till the next update, wish me good health ;)


Arti Honrao said...

Wishing you good health :)


Surubhi said...

Haha that's one way of looking at it.....the other way is that you are oh so loved that we had to ask Adee chup kyu hai:P
Good to know that you had a rocking weekend...here's wishing you at least 50 weekends like this every year :D

dreamt before

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