Thursday, August 04, 2011

the other kind of emptiness

the clock mentions it is 10:17 pm or as i'm used to writing 22:17 (hangover from an overdose of loads of Hollywood army movies while growing up!). i'm about to call it a day. some work was finished, some not even started, but as there is nothing that urgent, i guess i should leave. what hurts more is that in order to finish office work on tight deadlines, i happen to lose sight of some very important personal work. and now, one more day has gone!

mind is kind of empty right now. not in the literal sense. there is so much inside that all of it together is not making any sense. so while i can pick and choose and lay threadbare whatever is going inside my mind right now, i don't have the patience. this is the other kind of emptiness. when you are so full with something that it starts meaning nothing. like too much of beauty or money! 

when you have too much of something, you start to drift away from it. fullness breeds emptiness it seems. what do you think?

22:25, Thursday, August the fourth, 2011


Ire said...

No it doesn't breed emptiness but just that we take things for granted. All will be well in time :) Hope you feeling less guilty now! :P

bunny29 said...

i know what you mean Adi ... I would say its more like being numb ... no thoughts pass in your mind ... you just dont have the mental capacity to think about problems and solve them or worry about things ... just so drained the mind goes blank and goes into safe mode in order to survive !

bunny29 said...

I know what you mean Adi ... I would say its more of a numbness ... the capacity to think and solve problems leaves you ... you dont care anymore about what hos to be done or bother to remember what you have fogotten ... too drained your mind goes into 'safe' mode in order to protect and repair itself for a new day ....

Ankit Chadha said...

the "osho" philosophy?

dreamt before

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