Monday, August 01, 2011

remembering Premchand

July 31 was the birthday of one of the greatest Indian authors Dhanpat Rai, more popularly known as Munshi Premchand. this post is an attempt to compile some web resources about Munshi ji, to serve as an introduction to those who haven't read him before (especially the younger generation), and as a resource to those who would love to remember him more often.

am not writing a detailed introduction here, because one of my favorite bloggers has written this short but beautiful piece on his importance and relevance in our literature and in fact our lives. do read the post, "Premchand is important" here:

here's a link to his page on wikipedia: just don't read the story summaries in the end, they'll act as spoilers :)

for majority of his stories and one novel 'nirmala' click here, "Munshi Premchand's creations"

and here's a link to download majority of his novels as pdf, "Munshi Premchand collection":

these links are great resources for new readers though i would really request you to buy a collection of his stories and individual novels as paper books, there are many versions available from a variety of publishers. happy reading!

and in the end, a reminder of what we do to our artists: "Premchand's ancestral home crying for attention" a news report from the Times Of India here:

hope you found this post engaging. thanks for taking the time.

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Ed Newman said...

Thank you for the introduction. I look forward to discovering more about this important writer.

dreamt before

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