Saturday, January 07, 2006

on the 7th of january, 2006

on the 7th of january, 2006
i'm back at the blog...
so much happenned,

"What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well
. . .The Little Prince"

so, what i've done in the little span of exactly 10 days of my life.

perhaps, i've lived my life a thousand times. all the fears and most of the joys came back revisiting me. like a year-end review of the year gone by, everything that matterred came back in.

like the sparrows, that visited my home, in search of a home for themselves, these memories came fluttering, noisely, spreading clutter around my mind. and what's more? i'm afraid that they might get hurt. its sad to see a bird die. a flying moment of joy, somewhat annoying though. still, sad.

so much happenned in the last few days. i went to kufri, with my office gang, and how painful can a journey be. when u love a person and she's not with u, its painful. and when she's with someone else, its worse.

this entry was left incomplete because of some urgent work, i don't know why, but, i intend to keep it that way... so many questions are left unanswered and i've to answer themselves and i'm just running away from them... no diary, no blog, no introspection... this is what the new year has brought so far...lets see, tomorrow might be a different day.

this is adi, on the evening of january 12, 2006.
feels different, this 2006. already.


Aparna Mudi said...

thats 1 secret i would like to know!who is it that does make the mysterious part of adi hurt!

Anonymous said...

with someone else .....matlab?
willingly or unwillingly? tho ur tone sez unwillingly......

dreamt before

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