Monday, March 27, 2006

goodness gracious me

oh me gosh!
have so much work to do,
recently showed my to-do list to 'bandhu'
he said, is this for your complete life?
at the very least i've lined-up 40-50 items to do in the next week or so.
and these are completely separate from the official or family duties.

some of these consist of my blogosphere too.

like pino must know who autumn is and on his request i've to tell the world about bugs too. yes bugs, kapde to utarenge hi! then there comes around five little poems that are screaming to grab my attention. all of them are just two or three lines away from completion. there are two tags to be fulfilled (tags are like promises), one from apsy, one from soumyadip. there are few little stories to be told about big important people called friends in my life.

"seekh le beta drivery, phoote tere karam
din mein khana nahin, sona agle janam"

taken from the back side of a truck. contributed by bandhu.
roughly translated to the blues a good job like copywriting brings to you.
it is nearly 2 in the night or the morning, depends on how optimistic you are, and am still at the office thinking about what i should and should not be doing. a little bit of alcohol and an early morning dinner in the company of an adorable client does wonders to your writing skills. well.

'digression' thy middle name is adi. where was i? read a lot of blogs today. all the 26 odd blogs i've bookmarked. sunday was equally good. went to the doctor's. quite improvement i showed in the recent weeks, despite not taking medicine for the last couple of weeks;) then met 'shaitan' and afterwards 'sachin'. phir, i went over to c.p. to do some shopping with apsy. purchased two pairs of shoes. was looking for a little bag also at janpath but couldn't find it. i'm looking for something casual for sundays. prefarably a shoulder bag, nice and light. have to buy some other little things also. next sunday, perhaps.

what the heck? bye, good night.
miss you dudo.
pino i call her 'dudo'.
miss her very much.

and 'bandhu' is my dear old graphic designer, who makes my hindi poems possible to be displayed here.


Aparna Mudi said...

seems like i read a "marathon"
good news...apsy has got a new handset....and soon she will get a new number...
hmmm and well 50 items in a week is not that tough all the best, u will do it...
lets now come to another to do list.....pest sachin with his SWOT
AND THEN .... do it FOR yourself..... AND for de HUB
so we go shopping again next week... wow!
and solve the mystery of 'dudo'...who is she?
and please ifu can find out about 'easy' sure its someone i know....

Obi Wan said...

I find 'to do' lists extremely depressing, especially the lists about life that I keep on making. And then realize that I will never be able to do all of them, maybe not even most of them. And I also realize that I will still keep on making those lists :-)
Btw, can't tell you how happy I am on finding 'Chandrakanta' on your favorite books list. First time that I have come across anyone from our generation who has read this Indian fantasy masterpiece! Have you read Chandrakanta Santati also? I find the sequel much better than the original!

dreamt before

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