Monday, October 30, 2006

onion skins

bahut samay pehle
dil, dimaag, jism aur rooh
sab alag hua karte thhe
pyaaz ke chilkon ki tarah
parat dar parat
kitne tukde hua karte thhe mere
phir ek din pyaar aaya
aur pighla kar ek kar gaya mujhe
ab to sirf tu hi bacha hai bus
a long time ago
heart, mind, body and soul
everything was separate
like onion skins
layers upon layers
so many different parts i had
then one day, love arrived
and melt me in to one being
now, only 'you' are left


Anonymous said...

reading this poem made me silent!! awesome..adi!! simply great!!

sophie said...

You are so incredibly talented
with your lightsome words.

starry said...

Just awesome.Wish I could express how I feel like u do.

delhidreams said...

thanks guys

Aditi said...

very sweet.. for some reason it reminded me of shrek.. an ogre like an onion has layers..
and both are sooo cute when in love.. the ogre and u ie

delhidreams said...

aditi: cute toh main hoon ji, koi shak nahi ;) but shrek, ummm, hmmm, chalega :) halloween costume ka ek aur idea...

Anonymous said...

wow Adi!
only u could do this! it's awesome buddy! keep it up....


dreamt before

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